Sunday, July 11, 2010

What we've been up to lately

We have had a terrific time here in Minnesota, and it is hard to believe we are reaching the end of our stay. We think Gus might think he lives with his grandparents, as he has spent more time in Minnesota than his home state of Kentucky at this point.

Below follows a little re-cap of the past few weeks

My brother-in-law brought two kayaks to the Warp abode, and we have enjoyed paddling to the various sand bars near my folks' place.

Gus was in his first Fourth of July Kiddie Parade in Moose Lake

Gus' cousins had the chance to do a little bonding with him

We picnicked with all the kiddos in the backyard

All the cousins, sans Natalie, gathered in the sun porch with the grandparents

An intense card game with the kids

Gus has been sporting the g-diapers with success. We realized it appears as though we have monogrammed Gus' diapers with his initial.

And now on to the many faces of Gus. Our cameras are covering his every move, and below follow some of my favorite picks.

Gus with his great-grandma Ollie

In order to accurately represent this little one, I thought I had better include a couple of crying shots.

Gus has been meeting my good friends like Angie...


The Hart-Bennett Family

We brought him to a BBQ restaurant where the owner (pictured above) went over the menu with us.
Gus has loved cuddling with his grandma

Down on Sand Lake

Skyping with his aunt Emily, who is living in Ghana

Taking a snooze with grandma Sandi while car shopping
The new car purchase. So long old Subaru.

Watching the Tour d'France with his papa.

9:00 pm sunsets

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Eric said...

Did Gus get to sec the current Ms Moose Lake?
Nice pictures!